Take One – Swedish House Mafia documentary

This is the first thing in a long time that has drawn me so much I just sat and watched it. Usually I do things in between watching stuff. After seeing this I knew I had to review it. It was directed by Christian Larson. The camera had them following over the course of 2 years on several hundred events and 15 countries

It starts with the three members (Steve, Axwell and Sebbe) in an airport, starting a mega-tour that would take them from Stockholm to Toronto to Madrid and then to Ibiza.

It is followed by clips from event, traveling snd production.

It features the Miami Winter Festival in 2009, where the track Leave the World Behind was played for the first time live. I’m sure it was a unique experience. I giggled a bit when I saw the dude in the first row with a white shirt and a deadmau5 logo on it really enjoying himself.

The scene in the elevator is probably well know for the “Can you say insert?”  You can see why here:

Actually it turns out a tad self-absorbed in the beginning, doesn’t it? And why is this relevant you say? I have absolutely no idea. Interesting clip I guess.

The documentary shows a slight intake in the highs and lows of DJing and producing. It’s not just fun, it’s hard work. You could see a part when they come and see the place of event and they’re wearing coats, but hours later when the place is packed the sweat dripping from all three (I know some of it can be contributed to the heat the crowd, but rest assured the DJs are not just having a break up there). Some get the impression it’s all rainbows and butterflies. Well, try it and see for yourself. Steve and Sebbe mention they have been to MWF in 2002, just passing the promo CDs around. Their success grew exponentially in 2010, so that’s quite a few years until they got famous, but it was worth it. One can see through the documentary they are really having fun with it.

The lows – the club incident… people don’t get that some (or most) DJs have a fixed set for a certain event they had rehearsed and requests are not an option. Also the bad organization of some events can stress one out.

I personally never went to a DJ (playing electronic music) asking him to play something. I almost think this is rude, you insult the DJ as if he does not have good taste or know what’s hot right now.

And the highs – for example Brixton Academy event, a guy going in capsulized it so well: “You can’t explain it. You’ve got to experience it”. The fans, the crowd, the feedback. The feeling on stage must be unbelievable.

It also shows the time when they were doing the new album (Until One). I think it’s a genius idea to lock yourself in a luxury villa and create. If you don’t have other distractions the creativity process can be at its high. It was fun for me to see a bit of the creation process (to be a part of it would be unimaginable). Well I never thought of the track One as Lambada. But if you rethink it you see the link.

My question here is if the director wanted to emphasize the amount of alcohol that is taken in by them. In one of the shots it certainly seems so.

Also pay attention to special effects. They cracked me up.

You should see the documentary, it’s worth it’s while.


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