MusNews Part II – Misc

I had to cut the post in half, just to make it more readable. So here we go:

  • Nokia Lumia ft. deadmau5 4D Light Show on 28th of November in London (Millibank Tower). Wish I was there to see it.

  • When I was browsing through Hed Kandi page it caught my eyes that there is a party in our near vicinity in Graz, Austria. This was a few weeks ago, and I was baffled the tickets are not for sale yet, there is no announcement on the web page of the place of venue nor an Event created on FB. I’ve done some digging again now and the only record I found is the ticket sale page. I don’t quite get that. It’s actually 10 days till the event. Or perhaps it will be canceled.
  • The 400th TATW mix will be released today. Be sure to check MixCloud.
  • If you’re interested in Arty, see his interview, done by HousePlanetDJ. Interesting, he says he was inspired by deadmau5.
  • Mixmag’s Global Drug Survey. Never thought so many different drugs are in use (this includes alcohol, caffeine tablets and power drinks). Takes a while to fill in, but feels good to participate. Also makes you think!
  • Mixmag’s article – Q&A: Above & Beyond. I included it because I especially appreciated the 6th Q&A.

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