• Well, hello… sorry this is top news right now (thanks to Pete Tong’s announcement):


Hideout Festival @ Zrče (Croatia). Beach clubs side by side, featuring some of the world known DJs through the summer months. Ibiza in a pocket. I’d advise to book accommodation asap (in next few months) or you’re out of the game.

I’m excited because we used to have a few open air festivals but they faded away through the years. Now our neighbouring Croatia is taking over the scene firmly. Who’s to blame them, good job! We just suck in that department, that’s no secret. Just hope the open air’s would return. At least one.

I’ll be doing an introduction/feat of the festival few months before the actual event. I say it’s going to be massive. Thrilled!

Tickets available at Eventim (SLO). The difference between Ex-YU and Standard ticked? I have absolutely NO IDEA!

  • Some of the old stuff I couldn’t find online till now:

Pixl – Our World

DJ Denise, Loryn – Whipper Snipper (DJ Hero Remix)

  • Friday’s Pete Tong Mix Fave:

Tom Flynn – Opera House (Kaiserdisco Rmx)

  • Beatport News wk 47:

Mortem – Get Closer

DuoScience – Sunday

  •  Dang it, how could I miss those Mini Mixes? There’s an archive on Annie Mac’s site. If you receive a Not available in your area warning (what a bunch o farts, this stuff always annoys me) you can try SoundCloud.

Erick Morillo’s Ibiza Mini Mix – Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show (July 2011)

  • Kawlo and I apparently had the same thoughts – the vocals in Avicii’s LE7ELS are it’s best part. So he made a vocal edit. And did a damn good job!

*downloadable. Must admit, at 1.15 you can feel a little Paul in there. Or is it the other way around? ;)

  • Joke I received today (thanks to my colleague):

Justin Bieber: God sent me to make music.

Avicii: No I didn’t.

PS: JSYK you can follow my favourites on SoundCloud and

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